HVAC Design and Drafting for Hospitals

learn complete HVAC Design and Drafting of healthcare facilities in 5 days

Language: English

Instructors: Augmintech

Valid Till: 2023-01-10

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Why this course?


This is a 5-day LIVE course on HVAC System Design and Drafting for healthcare facilities.

Live classes will be held as per schedule mentioned below:

Dec 02, Friday: 07:00PM to 10:00PM IST

Dec 03, Saturday: 07:00PM to 10:00PM IST

Dec 04, Sunday: 07:00PM to 10:00PM IST

Dec 06, Tuesday: 07:00PM to 10:00PM IST

Dec 07, Wednesday: 07:00PM to 10:00PM IST

Don't worry if you miss any class, the recordings will be there inside your course that you can access till January 10, 2023. 


Syllabus for the course


  • HVAC For Healthcare Facilities-An Overview
  • HVAC Control parameters for isolation room.
  • HVAC System & Equipment Design.



  • Prepare the space sheet
  • Complete Project Procedure
  • Fill Non-technical data in E-20 form
  • Space name and its area and volume in E-20 sheet.
  • Fill condition of outside & inside.
  • Solar gain through glass.
  • Solar and Trans gain through wall and roof.
  • Trans gain except wall and roof.
  • Ventilation.
  • Infiltration & outside air heat gain.
  • Internal heat
  • Room Latent Heat.
  • Room total Heat
  • Heat added by contact air
  • Grand total heat and Ton of Refrigeration.
  • Sensible heat factor and Apparatus dew point.
  • Dehumidified Air Rise.
  • Total air in CFM.



  • Project Requirement.
  • Types of False Ceiling.
  • Representation of Room.
  • How to Read the Drawing (Architecture, Elevation, Section, Structural)
  • How to Start the Project.


MODULE 04: Method of Drafting

  • Selection & placement of Air Terminal Devices.
  • Selection & placement of Mechanical Equipment.
  • Concept Drawing
  • Design Drawing
  • Shop drawing.
  • Page Set-up.

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Course Curriculum

HVAC Design and Drafting for Hospitals
Class 01: Dec 02,2022, 7:00PM IST
Class 02: Dec 03,2022, 7:00PM IST
Class 03: Dec 04,2022, 7:00PM IST
Class-04 06-12-2022
Class 05: Dec 07, 2022, 07:00 PM IST
Downloadable Materials
Recording of Class 01 (133:00)
Recording of Class 02 (152:00)
Recording of Class 03 (166:00)
Recording of Class-4

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