HVAC Basics and Load Calculation

HVAC Basics and Load Calculation

learn HVAC load calculation

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Why this course?


Are You looking to change your career stream?

or You are looking to accelerate your career

or You want to learn the ground reality of HVAC from scratch

or You want to refresh your knowledge of HVAC

You are at the right place. I'd like to share the knowledge of HVAC from Scratch to Advanced version in the most engaging and easiest manner.

The HVAC course will teach you all the concepts of HVAC designing from very basic to pro level. Many animations are also used for better understanding of concepts.

Many sample projects are also included.

This course has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of both online and offline learners.

This is the part 1 of the course and its structure is given as follows:

1. Introduction to the HVAC World
Standard Societies
Roles and Responsibilities of Design Engineer
Steps in HVAC System Designing
2. Basic Concepts in HVAC
Modes Of Heat Transfer
Laws Of Thermodynamics
Vapor Compression Cycle
Unit Of Refrigeration
COP Of Refrigeration Cycles
Superheating & Subcooling
3. Psychrometry
Specific Volume
Specific Enthalpy
Specific Entropy
Vapor Pressure
Bypass Factor
Contact Factor
How To Read A Psychrometric Chart
4. Psychrometric Processes (Air-Conditioning Processes)
Simple Heating
Simple Cooling
Cooling With Dehumidification
Heating With Humidification
Adiabatic Mixing Of Two Air Streams
Evaporative Cooling
5. Cooling Load Calculation (MANUAL)
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (U)
Common Load Temperature Difference (CLTD)
External Cooling Load
          Conduction Through Wall
          Conduction Through Roof
          Conduction Through Glass
          Solar Load Through Glass
          Conduction Through Partition
          Conduction Through Ceiling
          Conduction Through Floor
          Infiltration Load
          Ventilation Load
Internal Cooling Load
          Equipment & Appliances
6. Cooling Load Calculation (E-20 excel form)

7. Cooling Load Calculation (HAP Software)

Getting Familiar With HAP
Defining Weather Properties
Creating Schedules
Defining Walls and Partitions
Defining Roofs, Ceilings and Floor
Defining Windows and Doors
Defining Shades
Creating Spaces_Part 1
Creating Spaces_Part 2
Creating Spaces_Part 3
Selection of HVAC System

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the HVAC World
Introduction To The Hvac World (11:00)
Basic Concepts in HVAC
Basic Concepts in HVAC (34:00)
Quiz 1
Psychrometry (45:00)
Psychrometric Processes (Air-Conditioning Processes)
Psychrometric Processes (28:00)
Cooling Load Calculation (MANUAL)
Introduction (8:00)
Databook_load calculation (50 pages)
U Value (9:00)
CLTD (10:00)
External Cooling Load (19:00)
Internal Cooling Load (7:00)
Cooling Load Calculation (E20- Excel form)
Cooling Load Calculation using Excel Form (32:00)
Cooling Load Calculation (HAP Software)
HAP+&+AutoCAD+downloading+links (1)
HAP Getting Familiar (16:00)
HAP_Defining Weather (22:00)
HAP_Creating Schedule (15:00)
HAP_Defining Walls And Partitions (11:00)
HAP_Defining Roofs Ceilings Floors (9:00)
HAP_Defining Windows Doors (9:00)
HAP_Defining Shades (6:00)
HAP_Defining Spaces Part 1 (20:00)
PLAN (1 pages)
3D+Views+Home (3 pages)
HAP_Defining Spaces Part 2 (13:00)
HAP_Defining Spaces Part 3 (24:00)
HAP_Defining Systems (6:00)

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