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HAP Software

Learn Cooling Load Calculation using HAP

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Why this course?


Carrier’s Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) is a computer tool which assists engineers in designing HVAC systems for commercial buildings.

HAP can perform two functions. First, it can be used for estimating loads and designing systems. Second, it is a tool for simulating building energy use and calculating energy costs.

HAP uses the ASHRAE transfer function method for load calculations and detailed 8,760 hour-by-hour simulation techniques for the energy analysis.

This program is released as two separate, but similar products. The “HAP System Design Load” program provides system design and load estimating features. The full “HAP” program provides the same system design capabilities plus energy analysis features.

Course Curriculum

Lec 01_Getting Familiar with HAP (16:00)
HAP download link
HAP free trial 90 days
Lec 02_Defining Weather Properties (22:00)
Lec 03_Creating Schedule (15:00)
Lec 04_Defining Walls And Partitions (11:00)
Lec 05_Defining Roofs, Ceilings and Floors (9:00)
Lec 06_Creating Windows and Doors (9:00)
Lec 07_Creating Shades (6:00)
Lec 08_Creating Spaces Part 1 (20:00)
PLAN (1 pages)
3D+Views+Home (3 pages)
Lec 09_Creating Spaces Part 2 (13:00)
Lec 10_Creating Spaces Part 3 (24:00)

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