HVAC Chilled Water Systems

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HVAC Chilled Water Systems understand HVAC Chilled Water Systems Chilled Water System Basics Chilled water systems in residential HVAC systems are extremely rare. A typical chiller uses the process of refrigeration to chill water in a chiller barrel. This water is pumped through chilled water pipin...

What is HVAC Designing?

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What is HVAC Designing? understand the complexities of hvac designing in simplest form. HVAC is the abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The cooling part is not included in the acronym. HVAC systems are used in homes and commercial buildings to regulate temperature and humid...

Air Handling Unit and their types

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Air Handling Unit and their types learn about the functions and classification of AHUs Functions of Air Handling Unit (AHU) It conditions air and distributes it to various condition spaces. It controls the temperature and makes it suitable for the conditioned space need. It also controls the moistu...

2 Pipe FCU

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2 Pipe FCU 2 Pipe Fan Coil Unit and its mode of operations A 2-Pipe FCU system can be used to heat or cool a room that it is supplying air to. The following table describes the main components of a 2-Pipe FCU and their functions briefly: Component Function Fan Coil System Receives Hot or Cold water...

Air Terminal Design

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Air Terminal Design Learn how to design air terminals and perform diffuser selection The main objective of air terminal design is to find the right size and combination of diffusers to be used by an HVAC system to deliver the appropriate amount of air into the desired room. There are mainly 2 metho...
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